Friday, January 9, 2009

What about me?

How about some fun facts about the author, for a casual Friday.

--I'm really particular about how I make my bed after I wash sheets. It takes me about 15 minutes to make sure all the sheets and blankets line up, with even blanket on both sides. I love love love sleeping on a freshly made bed. After that first night, I rarely make my bed.

--I'm left-handed. Except I play the violin, use a computer mouse and bat right-handed.

--I just found out I'm ambidextrous.

--I love Jeopardy! but despise any category having to do with English Lit. or Authors because I majored in English in college, and never get any answers in those categories correct. But somehow, I'll sweep Beatles Lyrics and Crossword Answers Beginning with "F". WTF.

--I watch the movie trailers after I watch the movie, to see how fantastically they edited the scenes to make a coherent synopsis -- comparing them to when those scenes actually happened.

--I don't need to see it. Just the thought of needles or grotesque injuries is enough to make me pass out.

--When I'm driving, I can name the make and model of about 75 percent of the vehicles I see on the road.

--I didn't have any cavities until my senior year of college -- then I had two fillings done within 6 months of each other.

--I've never been admitted to a hospital, and I've never broken a bone in my body (knock on wood).

--I can belch louder than you. But not louder than Michelle.

--I'm deathly afraid of pool drains, and deep lakes or ocean water (when I'm in it).

--Every time I travel out of state, I make it a point to eat something I've never tried before. Examples: Grits with butter, and deep fried alligator in Orlando; Deep Fried Okra FROM WHITE CASTLE in Murfreesburo, TN; swordfish in San Diego; raw squid sushimi in Las Vegas

--I'm addicted to salsa, and coffee. But not together. That's fucking disgusting.

--I swear too much.

--I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I drive better than most girls (and ALL blue hairs.)

--I have obscenely different prescriptions for both eyes. Without glasses, my right eye sees 20/70. My left: 20/400.

--I'm usually pretty articulate on paper, but can't hold a normal conversation with most acquaintances.

--I mumble because I stutter.

--My left shoulder is double-jointed.

--I have my moms hands.


Gregor said...

"--I can belch louder than you. But not louder than Michelle."

Also more frequently.

"--I have my moms hands."

What, like in a jar or something? Edward Scissorhands?

BLaZE said...

I have a wierd fear of an ocean too. I feel extremely creeped out at the fact that there can be miles beneath me, much bigger creatures, and I have no clue about any of it. Oh, and in a boat im fine, it's just the thought of me treading water that is scary. (I don't know if your fear is similar, you just reminded me of mine)

Ric said...

NOT as frequently as Michelle. And, In a jar. Her's grew back.

As far as wather, it's definitely the treading water part. A good example's tubing. I'm alright with being on a tube in the water being dragged behind a boat, unless I fall off. Then I go into shock and start splashing, floating to keep as much of my body as possible at the surface. UGH.

Ric said...

FUCK. I spelled water wrong.

Epic Gecko said...

I'm not a fan of deep water either. I also have an illogical worry of jellyfish and sharks when swimming in saltwater (...not really a phobia since they didn't prevent me from swimming in the Mediterranean).

Also, your eyes without glasses are marginally worse than my eyes with glasses (at left 20/200, right 20/40 or 20/50 depending on the optometrist). And I'm surprised I've never heard about these measurements before.